Life is a challenge, an adventure, a discovery and a God-given gift. It is a present to be unwrapped with dutiful desire & daring. The purpose-driven life needs direction, discernment and dedication. What is life, where am I going, what am I doing, and how do I  cooperate with God’s plan for me are important questions. The plans of God, my own dreams, aspirations and life-direction can be confusing at moments. How does God guide me? How does God speak to me? How do I discover my life’s purpose? How do I  make decisions? How do I choose the state of life or discern what I need to do & want to do? Marriage, Priesthood, Consecrated life, the  single life, and volunteering for a specific cause are all part of an exploration, a journey.

The Salesians of Don Bosco find purpose, meaning and direction in life, in experiences of concern for the needs of young people. This is in response to God’s call through experience of family, friends, school, sports, teachers, etc. As Don Bosco says, “to be signs & bearers of God’s love to the young,” through youth ministry, family life, education, sports, etc. This is also possible through Religious life, living in communities & working to build up God’s kingdom of love, joy, peace, justice, truth and righteousness.

Salesian Youth Movement is a vast umbrella that allows one to explore this wondrous ways of collaborating with God. It helps one discover closeness, intimacy & friendship with God through various activities and moments of fun, togetherness & purpose. Come discern YOUR LIFE’S CALLING through Salesian Youth Activities. Come search YOUR LIFE’S MISSION. Come experience the DON BOSCO WAY. Come SEEK the GOD, who KNOCKS at the door of YOUR HEART. Come & BE A SALESIAN through an adventure of camps, outings, thrills, prayer, music, games. Come BE A SAINT the DON BOSCO WAY!


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