Has your inner well run dry? What is your spiritual positioning? Lost, just drifting, hopeless, meaningless and just caught up in the rat race? Do you need sometime to slow down, to realign your ‘faith compass’ and reconnect with the Divine?

Don Bosco was a man ‘profoundly human’ but also ‘deeply divine’. His life was a happy balance between action and contemplation. He lived this ‘grace of unity’. Right from  childhood, his mother Mamma Margaret nurtured him in the ways of God through deep faith formation and spiritual nourishment.

Education to Faith is an important dimension in our Youth Ministry. Don Bosco taught his youngsters to become ‘friends with God’. “God sees you,” he would often say. “Have devotion to Mary and you will see what miracles are!” he often repeated. Don Bosco created an atmosphere in which ‘saints’ bloomed.

DBYS offers you opportunities for various moments of Spiritual Nourishment and Faith Formation though the following: Youth Retreats, Youth Masses, Jordan Call – a three-day retreat at the Lord’s Ranch in preparation for Christmas, the Youth Pasch – a Holy Week Retreat at DB Lonavala, Retreatainment – using movies to move to the Gospel, Labyrinth Prayer Garden Experience, Taize Prayers, Lectio Divina, Night Vigils, Bible Study resources, Reconciliation Fests and many more prayer-filled moments!

Our style is deep, profound, creative and participative too. We connect life to prayer, and our prayer to life. We help you to know your faith, live your faith, love your faith, share your faith and defend your faith. Like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, Jesus comes alive in His Word and in the Eucharist – “were not our hearts beating” and they recognized him in the breaking of the Bread!

DBYS is willing to offer such opportunities even in your schools, colleges, parishes, hostels, and formation houses.

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