Is your life revolving around ‘routine’ or ‘rhythm’? The former is boring, static, predictable and repetitive. The later is creative, dynamic, adventurous and meaningful. Sadly, most of us spend our youth caught in the web of daily routine! Mindful Living is the need of the hour. Here is the place to make a choice to live life more ‘mindfully’ and ‘meaningfully’.

 “Doing everything to the best of one’s ability” is a key element of Salesian Youth Spirituality. Alongside this, contemporary spiritual teachers ask us to cultivate mindfulness – awareness of our thoughts, feeling, sensations and environment – in each passing moment. These elevating practices might pose a major challenge for persons who are emotionally disturbed; those who find it difficult to sustain attention on tasks, or who are hyperactive; and those who find it difficult to integrate inputs from their senses. Children and youth with these difficulties may struggle with their studies, daily tasks, and recreational pursuits. They are often misunderstood by parents, teachers and peers, and end up being angry and rebellious, or anxious and depressed. Being empathetic and supportive towards them helps. Yet, such persons may need professional help to get by.

DBYCS – Prafulta offers specialized services to assess and help children with these difficulties such as: assessments of emotional and behavioural functioning, intelligence, attention and hyperactivity (ADHD), sensory-integration, and psycho-educational ability. It offers interventions such as psychiatric consultation, personal counselling, sensory-integration therapy, and remedial education. Brief workshops are also conducted to sensitize and guide parents and school teachers to understand and help such children and youth.

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