There is no you if there is no planet. Yes, our common home is crudely and mercilessly being annihilated by our own destructive models of consumption and disposal. Instant satisfaction with buying more, owning more, and living it up has left our home in shambles. Catastrophic pollution with greenhouse gas emissions, changing weather patterns with extreme unpredictably volatile weather events, rising sea levels, single-use disposable plastics and microplastics wreaking havoc on marine habitats and affecting us – is the future that awaits you and others yet to be born!

Don Bosco was a champion educator concerned about making a difference through the young people in his oratories, schools, colleges and other institutions. He invited all – the boys with whom he worked, taught and played and prayed with, to become good, honest, upright citizens and contribute for the betterment of society. Don Bosco said, “ do not leave off until tomorrow what good you can do today, for tomorrow may never be yours.” He further invited his boys to, “do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.”

Ours, is an extraordinary time. It calls for extraordinary measures. It needs warriors with mettle, grit, and guts aiming for the glory of achieving the good, in every way. Are YOU ready to forge yourself and charge right on into battle? Come, be Green Warriors-Responsible Citizens committed to protect, care for and better our common home.

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