Do you often find yourself at the crossroads of life? Not knowing where to turn and indecision takes over. Confused at this moment, you may be sadly pressurised by parents to make hasty life choices. Without proper guidance, counselling and personal reflection, it may happen that you make wrong choices. The rest of your life is then lived as a ‘long troubled journey of regret’.

Standing at the Crossroads of life is inevitable. Everybody lands up there sometime. Remember, you are not alone. DBYCS is here to guide and counsel you to choose and walk the path meant for you.

Don Bosco discerned his purpose and calling in life by decoding the meaning of a dream that he had at the age of nine. Likewise, all individuals have a dream for living purposefully. It may be a dream to contribute to society by pursuing a particular profession, forging new pathways for innovative or creative visioning, or raising a loving family. Some individuals spontaneously find ways of discovering and pursuing their calling. However, most would need some guidance in order to do so.

DBYCS – Prafulta helps high school and junior college students to discover the educational and career paths that they are they are best suited for, by discerning their interests, aptitudes, and personality characteristics with the help of psychometric tests.

Prafulta also offers brief workshops to help working youth to develop personal insights and skills to cultivate respectful, trusting, collaborative, and serene relationships. These will help them develop a warm and caring partnership with their future spouses as well. Looking beyond careers and marriage, Prafulta helps interested persons to discover unique ways in which they can live meaningfully and purposefully.

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