MUMBAI, MARCH 9, 2016: Over 700 music lovers took to the quadrangle of Don Bosco School, Matunga, to seemingly immerse themselves in the lyrics and melody of Gospel band ‘Echoes of Zion’, who performed their first-ever gospel concert titled ‘Alive’ on March 6 .

A1 The youth experienced God’s presence through music and devotion.  Echoes of Zion, an initiative by Father McEnroe Lopes- the Salesian Vocation Promoter- took firm roots three years ago. It provided a platform for the youth to display their talents in the field of music.  The initiative featured a wide array of young musicians associated with Don Bosco Youth Services (DBYS).

“Having a band of praise and worship was just a thought.  We didn’t even have musicians before, just a couple of singers,” a band member said. “We then got introduced to Leo Lucas who played the keyboard. Leo was already a member of a band, so he encouraged all the other youngsters to join in.  Things were then set in motion once everyone got together.  We performed for the first time in 2014. It was a grand success and it encouraged us to perform at Don Bosco, Matunga!”

The power-packed night had soulful music, a vibrant stage, lighting and sounA2d to heighten the experience and the participation of the audience in thanking and giving glory to God through music. The concert was attended by Father Godfrey D’Souza, Provincial of the Salesian province of Mumbai, Father Savio Silveira, Vice Provincial and members of the council, who were happy to see the initiative grow.

The young musicians performed a variety of popular Christian music which also featured renditions from the Christian rock band Hillsong.  Songs like, ‘At the Cross’, ‘Yeshu Masih’, ‘I surrender’ and the theme song ‘Alive’ set the stage rocking as the audience cheered on.

A group of youngsters also venerated the ‘Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) Cross ‘ as a remembrance and reflection during this time of Lent and the Year of Mercy. The closing act of the night was the band’s ‘My Redeemer Lives.’ The audience got to hear a rendition of the track and witnessed immense devotion and participation.  The event was a collaboration of the  efforts of Father McEnroe Lopes, Echoes of Zion, the youth volunteers and the management.

Father D’Souza officially inaugurated the “Don Bosco Youth Services” application for mobile users on Android’s Play Store. This proved to be a huge A3accomplishment as DBYS is all set to connect with young people via a digital platform.

The app is meant to update users about sports events, recruitment services and to encourage youngsters with inspirational videos and other youth resources.

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