Today, we are in the impactful times of the Social Network, and communicate through the use of social mediums via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, MySpace, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Telegram, Hike and many others. Exchange of experiences, opinions, discovering and making newer friends/contacts, establishing conenctions, staying in touch with  acquaintances are at our finger-tips. These are essential, facilitate knowing and learning, create possibilities for influence, provide opportunities for dialogue and betterment of society. 

Don Bosco was a champion of publishing informative, educative and life-enhancing wholesome literature for the good of his boys, living on the street and exposed to various immoral social learnings, Don Bosco tried through his writings to win the boys over to good value-based lifestyles. Many were changed, learning the difference between good-evil, moral-immoral, becoming good and honest citizens contributing to society.

Many of us are mere users, consumers rather than prosumers of creative, life-enhancing information and communication. We are at risk not fully understanding the culture, language and technicalities of these mediums, unaware of the complexities and possibilities of these platforms, the tendency is to just absorb mindlessly, forward senselessly, and exhibit private details for public consumption.

TejPrasarini Don Bosco Communication offers YOU young people and anyone else wanting to learn, the way to be creative contributors. Come join and learn from professionals – Edu Communication,

Photography, Videography, Creative Writing/Posting and Backpack Journalism. Come, ‘Be the Change You Wish to Be and Want to See’.



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