by Brother Telston Lobo

LONAVLA, MAY 19, 2016: Over 50 campers participated in the Vocation Camp 2016 held at Don Bosco High School and Juniorunnamed College, Lonavla from May 2-8, to help youth and seniors alike discern their call from God.

One group of campers travelled to the venue by train and another by bus. They were then ushered to the Chapel, where they were given basic instructions on the discipline expected at the premises.

The theme for the first day was “Vocation as a discovery of talents.” The Holy Eucharist celebrated by Father Valerian Pereira was based on the parable of the talents. A movie on the life of Don Bosco culminated all activities of the day.

The theme for day two was “Vocation as responding to God’s call.” Each morning, during the camp, classes were held on topics that ranged from languages and maths to Christian doctrine.

At noon on day two, the campers participated in a drawing competition. The main activity of the day was a poster quiz, based both on the Holy Bible and on Don Bosco.

The theme for the third day was “Vocation as service.” Here, the participants got a practical experience of being good Samaritans by helping at the Kune mission, as well as cleaning in and around the house. The evening was fun-filled with creative games.

The theme for day four was centred around Biblical vocation stories. A trek to the mountain top of Tungarli was organised for the participants, in imitation of the journeys in many Biblical vocation stories. To heighten the excitement, a treasure hunt was also part of the trek.

The theme for day five was “Salesian vocation and mission.” Pre-novices shared vocation stories. The sharing continued on the following day – day six – that was themed on “Living my Vocation.” unnamed (1)

The camp had many other interesting facets like the testimony shared by Father Xavier Devdas, the camp fire, night specials like “30 secs to fame” and “Minute to Win” entertaining sessions. With the variety the campers had on offer, they were left with a wholesome and enriching experience.

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