Bosco Leadership Camp (senior boys)

boscoleadershipcamp_uttan-apr2013_131Don Bosco Youth Services, Matunga conducted a ‘Leadership Camp’ at Boscowadi, Uttan from the 12th to the 15th April, 2013. A total of 23 enthusiastic youngsters who had answered their 12th and 10th standard board exams participated in this camp. The organizing team consisted of Fr. Osborn (the camp chief), Fr. Glenford, Fr. Cleophas, Br. Johnson and Br. Avil. Telston, Conrad, Jacob and Jerome volunteered to help out in the camp activities.

boscoleadershipcamp_uttan-apr2013_123After a pleasant journey from Matunga via Borivili, the campers arrived at Boscowadi, Uttan where they were divided into four teams with meaningful names: ‘Inspiring Gandhis,’ ‘Empowering Ambedkars,’ ‘Transforming Luthers’ and ‘Liberating Mandelas’. These names served as models for the teams throughout the camp programme. Fr. Glen guided the campers in owning the camp and in making simple concrete camp commitments, before they pitched their tents and set up camp.

boscoleadershipcamp_uttan-apr2013_155The exciting ice breakers and the camp theme song helped the campers to know more about each other. The Eucharistic celebration was the central aspect of each day. The inspiring homilies based on the theme of the day helped the campers to retrospect and reflect on the importance of their youthfulness. The highlights of the camp were the interactive sessions on the ‘Essentials of Leadership’ by Fr. Glen and ‘Christian Leadership’ by Fr. Cleophas. These sessions provided the campers ample thought for assimilation of the qualities of an able leader.

The evening games on the sea-shore and the time for being ‘cool in boscoleadershipcamp_uttan-apr2013_120the pool’ were some of the activities that the campers looked for everyday. A variety of quizzes on general knowledge, on Jesus and Mary, and on Don Bosco were held during the course of the camp. The campers were given an opportunity to display their talents during the ’30 Seconds to fame’ event. The night trek along the sea shore, the shrine of Vailankanni Mata and the winding lanes of Uttan gave the campers an idea of the life and culture of the Koli people.

The Labyrinth Prayer Garden experience helped our budding leaders to make journey into their own selves. The Via Lucis (Way of Light) was a new type of prayer experience that was held during the camp. The campers made the most of the creative methods of praying! The last night witnessed the campfire, which consisted of songs, skits, advertisements and dances. The fish and chips BBQ during the campfire were the icing on the cake. The food served during the camp revived the taste buds of every camper!

boscoleadershipcamp_uttan-apr2013_186A holistic development was achieved during the course of the camp since all their needs viz. physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual were well looked after. It was a memorable experience for both the campers and the organizing team as well. The Leadership Camp was a grand success since at the end of it every camper had a bunch of new friends who could be ‘examples to all in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity’ (1 Tim 4:12).

– Avil Correa sdb

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