Bosco Leadership Camp (junior boys)


The shores of Boscowadi, Uttan came alive as 55 boys from all over Mumbai and Vasai participated in the Leadership camp which was organized by Don Bosco Youth Services, Matunga. The organizing team consisted of Fr. Osborn (the camp chief), Fr. Glen, Fr. Cleophas, Cl. Johnson and Cl. Avil. Lloyd, Telston, Juventus, Savio and Ralston volunteered in helping out in the activities of the camp.

The enthusiastic boys begaboscoleadershipcamp-jun_uttan-apr2013-008n chirping around on the journey itself. After a halt at Borivili for breakfast, we moved on to Uttan.. The campers (most of them who were away from home for the first time) seemed a little nervous at the beginning. Nevertheless they helped out in setting up the camp area. They were welcomed with a nutritious breakfast, after which they were divided into six teams viz. ‘Empowering Amkbedkars,’ ’Inspiring Gandhis,’ ‘Transforming Luthers,’ ‘Liberating Mandelas,’ ‘Discovering Kalams’ and ‘Courageous Romeros.’ The team names served as models to the youngsters; especially for the campfire. The campers followed the instructions carefully and set up their tents within no time!

To begin with Fr. Glen guided the youngsters in owning the camp, so that they could make the best of it. The campers got to know each others better through the exciting ice breakers. A theme was designated for each day. During the Eucharist, which was the central aspect of each day, the gospel significance of the theme of each day was explained. The quizzes based on the ‘Bible,’ ’Jesus and Mary’ and ‘Don Bosco’ were conducted during the course of the camp. These served as wholesome food for thought.

The highlights of the camp were the sessions on the ‘Essentials of Leadership’ by Fr. Glen and ‘Christian Leadership’ by Fr. Cleophas. These sessions helped the campers to be acquainted boscoleadershipcamp-jun_uttan-apr2013-032with the basic qualities of a leader! The evening games and the ‘cool in the pool’ were the moments that the campers looked out for everyday. The campers got the opportunity to make key chains out of shoelaces, toys out of woollen thread and origami. They exhibited their talents during the 30 seconds to fame! The campers also journeyed through their inner lives through the enriching Labyrinth Prayer garden experience. The campfire which culminated the camp was indeed a thrilling experience.

The leadership camp thus witnessed ‘growth’ in the fact that a bunch of kids who were strangers to each other at the start of the camp turned out to be pals at the end of it. The aim of holistic development in the boys was achieved by the end of the camp.

– Avil Correa sdb

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