UTTAN – MUMBAI, APRIL 17, 2014: Twenty-nine college-going and working youth from all over Mumbai gathered together at the Boscowadi Holiday Resort – Uttan, for the Bosco Leadership Camp 2014 from April 9 – 12. The leadership camp, organised by Don Bosco Youth Services, was animated by Frs. Osborn, Glenn and Cleophas, Brs. Dinesh and Felix with the support of the DBYS staff. This event, aimed at the holistic development of youngsters, was a perfect blend of fun and learning, with innovative moments of reflection, learning and prayer, as well as group-building activities and games.

bosco leadership camp
Day one began by helping participants introspect and identify a few habits or things they want to leave behind as well as a few things they would like to inculcate in their lives. Each of them prepared a commitment which they would use as a reminder to motivate them towards their goal.
Day two focused on the world, the people that have made a difference in their lives and the experiences that have taught them a lot as well as the dreams that have come true because of these experiences. The participants recalled the achievements that could be counted as landmarks in their lives, so that they could chart a path to their life’s destination. They reflected on God’s design and dream for them, while acknowledging their doubts and anxieties. The campers learnt the fundamentals of leadership and the meaning of self-awareness, vision, planning, teamwork and time management through meaningful examples and activities.
Day three focussed on the art of asking questions and knowing the difference between an answer and a response. The campers were taken on a spiritual journey – a pilgrimage within themselves as well as outwards into the world, through the Labyrinth exercise.The camp brought out the best in every participant, helping them discover their innate gifts and potential. The self-evaluation exercises gave them a clear picture of where they stand and the areas they need to develop. The group activities and games helped them see the importance of teamwork and participation. Their journey of discovery and growth was evident through the reflections that they shared during the camp.
The Leadership Camp was a wonderful opportunity for these youngsters to combine learning, self-discovery and development with fun and relaxation. It will be worth all the resources spent if the participants carry on the process of self-maturing and growth to become reliable leaders wherever they find themselves.

– Carissa Gudino

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