Believe it or not, our young people today suffer from intense loneliness and lack of direction. Living in a virtual world, friendships become fragile and shallow. In a world devoid of significant leadership, their lives are often hijacked, dreams lost and drift aimlessly.

Is there an antidote to this scenario? Yes, there is. DBYS offers HOPE.  Youth deserve to be here: a place to be Happy, Health and Holy with Friends and Leaders.

Young people today want to be real, to create social friendships and seek platforms to lead and make a difference. Don Bosco believed in the value of Social Experience – young people want to belong, to become and to brighten the world around them. Don Bosco created sodalities, associations, clubs, oratories and movements of young people to bond, to discover their worth and to lead effectively. At the heart of all this, was a Salesian Youth Spirituality (SYS) that laid the foundation to enable young people Live Lives Significantly.

Through the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM), DBYS offers young people an opportunity through various spiritual animations, inter-religious harmony, rummer and leadership camps, weekly youth chats, outings and adventure treks, creative spare time activities,

SYMBIOS youth forums, eco tourism, crazy monsoon madness, tournaments and music fests to bond and build healthy friendships and in the process help them be leaders.

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