By Brother Telston Lobo

UTTAN, MAY 18, 2016: Two Leadership camps were organised by Don Bosco Youth 180abbdd-ae8b-4ea5-8cc6-70e76cac1a75Services, Mumbai for juniors and seniors from April 19 – 22 and 26 – 29 respectively at Boscowadi, Uttan.

The camp began with the assembling of the campers, where teams were formed and the campers introduced themselves to get to know each other better. The Fathers, brothers and volunteers were of great help throughout the camp.

Of the many fun-filled activities was the zumba dance, creativity sessions called ‘Spare time activity,’ trekking to the lighthouse, showcasing their talents through the ‘30 seconds to fame’ programme, a campfire with skits, songs, night games and dance. The campers also spent time, pouring over books in preparation for a quiz.

Sessions were also conducted on the essentials of leadership- what leadership is all about – by Father Cleophas Braganza and Father Glenford Lowe. A session on Christian leadership – the Christian dimension of leadership – was aimed at helping the campers develop effective leadership skills.

Time was also allotted for silence and reflection, to make the experience more meaningful. The Labyrinth Garden experience, helped the campers get in touch with their past and relate better with their present.

All- in- all the campers enjoyed and gained from the leadership camp experience.               T2082a8d5-d924-4930-835d-95c71d152688he organisers are confident, the campers are better equipped than before to be expert leaders of teams, communities, departments etc in the future.

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